Banyan Tree, Ras Al-Khaimah

Banyan Tree Al Wadi, desert United Arab Emirates

The last post about my summer vacation!

Today I wanna talk about the main resort, the Banyan Tree Al Wadi. It’s located in the desert, about a 20 to 30 minute ride away from the beach, where the smaller resort is located, the one we stayed at.

It has a beautiful scenery and is very private as well. If we would have chosen to stay here, the size of our pool villa would have been twice as big, but „cheaper“.

Kamel Sonnenuntergang, Kamelreiten Sonnenuntergang, camel sunset

There was a free shuttle to the main resort that we used like three times. Once for dinner and the Moon Bar, which is amazing by the way, then for a free spa treatment and a dromedary/one-humped camel ride. Perfect enough to get the vibe! ;)

interior Banyan Tree Al Wadi, entrance Banyan Tree Al Wadi
Banyan Tree Al Wadi

What I really like about the Al Wadi as well are the wild gazelles that walk around everywhere…

weiße gazellen Banyan Tree Al Wadi, wild gazelles
fotoshooting wüste, photo shoot desert United Arab Emirates

nice spot to take some pictures…

jumpsuit blumenmuster
desert United Arab Emirates
Wüste Vereinigte Arabische Emirate

Although the Al Wadi’s landscape and wildlife has more to offer, we were glad to stay right at the beach even if we spent most of the time at our private pool.

Usually I prefer round trips to experience a country but since we didn’t have enough time it was a perfect one-week-hideaway. And finally I know what really good service means and what it’s like to have your own pool villa. :D

So far, I can only recommend the Banyan Tree chain and hopefully I’ll get to check out more!

weißes kleid pool, white dress pool BANYAN TREE  RAS AL KHAIMAH BEACH

check out the two following websites for more pictures & information:

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