Review: The Beverly Hilton

beverly hilton hotel

Finally, finally, finally!

Finally, I had a reason to visit the famous „Golden Globe-Hotel“ The Beverly HiltonDay in and day out, I spent almost two years passing by without knowing what it looks like inside…

My lovely Luisa and I recently got invited to try out the restaurant and spa. How long have we been waiting for this moment! Since our arrival in LA more than two years ago, we’ve been looking for a really good spa which is high quality but still affordable once in a while. Nothing is worse than spending a lot of money for something and then realizing afterwards it wasn’t worth it. This is exactly why I’m telling you about my first experience at the Beverly Hilton now.

When we arrived at the spa, the team was welcoming us with a goodie bag filled with skin products. We were like „Wow, we really didn’t expect this. Thank you so so much!“ Then we were shown around the different rooms while the spa manager explained  us everything. After a quick change into the bath robe, we went to the lounge room and got spoiled with tea and German christmas cookies. Only a few minutes after, my masseuse came for me… :)

Even though I only had few massages in life so far, I guarantee you: This was by far the best one, especially because of the comfort. You are laying on an electronically heated mattress so you’re constantly warmed and feeling comfortable! I got a super amazing swedish massage I will never forget. The first half hour I enjoyed it to the fullest while talking and the second half I took a nap. What a bummer the time went by way too fast.

Afterwards, I had a very relaxing steam shower before getting ready for lunch at the hotel restaurant by the pool. As a little starter, Luisa and I got fresh berry smoothies, then healthy but delicious salads as a main course and for dessert a wonderful chocolate cake and housemade ice cream.

What I like most about the hotel is the service, atmosphere and privacy. Moreover, the pool with the motel-like rooms right next to it also looks very appealing. Hopefully, I’ll get another chance to try it out.

All in all, Luisa and I had an amazing spa day and can’t wait to show you more of the Beverly Hilton in the future, for example its rooms.












Beverly Hills, Los Angeles

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