The Big Apple

view top of the rock, new york city

incredible view from the Top of the Rock

Finally, I want to show you some pictures from my trip to New York City in April. 

My friend from university, Laura, & I first met at the airport and then we made it all the way to New Jersey with our luggage. It was heavy as hell and we had to take many many trains to get there! However, it is really great to have friends that you can stay with. We had such an amazing host, she is the sister of my host mum when I was in New Hampshire for a highschool year. 

Usually, Laura and I took the NJ Transit to NYC every morning. We bought a weekly pass for like 80 dollars, but it was still way cheaper than a hotel downtown.

While we were in town, Laura and I didn’t really check out famous restaurants like I did in LA with Luisa. We behaved more like tourists – besides some shopping – and did as much sightseeing as our bodies would let us…

This is the result:

9.11. memorial new york

9/11 Memorial – thinking of all the victims and their families

world trade center memorial
michael kors sneaker gold

early birthday gift: fancy sneakers by MICHAEL KORS

goldene schuhe michael kors
cheese spinat pasta

Yum! Pasta with spinach and cheese cooked by our host Diane

one world trade center

the construction of the One World Trade Center

cinnamon rolls, zimtschnecken

almost self-made cinnamon rolls

fashion blogger new york

Hello from the NJ Transit!

times square new york, yellow taxi new york

Times Square

new york times square

I had to wear layers of sweaters, because it was so freezing!

architecture new york

such an architectural variety, love it!

sky scraper new york

one of my favorite skyscrapers right at Central Park 

view american museum of natural history

beautiful view from the American Museum of Natural History 

central park new york

Central Park – my favorite place in the city because it’s green

central park
new york central park
the plaza new york

The Plaza with Luisa as well

new york the plaza
new york henri bendel, shopping henri bendel

expensive shopping at HENRI BENDEL

chocolate mousse cake

chocolate mousse cake


gift to myself: new collection MAC by REBECCA MINKOFF

fashion blogger new york city

with Luisa…love her!

brooklyn bridge

Brooklyn Bridge

fashion blogger germany
new york pizza, pizza salami

New York Pizza

boutique in SOHO, couch

cute boutique in SOHO

türkises kleid new york
La Bibliotheka new york

at La Bibliotheka with Laura

The Big Apple

and my new friend Melissa I met in LA :)

empire state building new york

the Empire by night

view over new york
fashion blogger new york
Blick über New York city
fotoshooting new york city
beige parka new york
empire new york

6 Kommentare zu “The Big Apple

    • Liebe Anni,

      Danke für dein Kompliment! :)
      Wenn das mehrere interessieren würde, kann ich das gerne machen! Reichen dir Fotos mit den Produkten die ich verwende aus oder hättest du lieber ein richtiges Video?

      Viele Grüße, Lina xoxo

  1. Hey Lina, wie du magst. Fände es schon gut zu wissen welche Produkte du so verwendest :)
    Muss dir übriegens ein Kompliment machen, verfolge viele Blogs und ich muss sagen dein stil gefällt mir besonders gut. Du hast einen tollen und wie ich finde natürlich schönen geschmack :)

    Liebe Grüße aus NRW


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  3. Hey!! I’m so excited I made the blog! — love it by the way. Your pictures in Banyan Tree, Ras Al-Khaimah are gorgeous!
    That was so fun hanging out in LA and then meeting up for drinks in NYC. Hopefully there can be more of that in the future! <3 Melissa

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